We take great care to provide children with nutritious and wholesome snacks, prepared by fully qualified professionals.

We also plan our daily snacks to include fresh and varied options that are suitable for each age group. Naturally we also cater for all individual dietary needs.

Our snack and meal-times for the children is a perfect relationship-building opportunity for child and carer. Our staff always ensure that the type, consistency and portion size is just right for your child. Many children choose to bring snacks and lunch from home. When eating with others, their food intake is carefully monitored.

We understand that meal times are an important part of life, and a good opportunity for children to learn about taking turns, table etiquette – and enjoying the social occasion.

A typical day at St Christopher’s starts off with a light mid-morning snack. The mid-morning snack consists of a range of healthy and nutritious items such as; Cheese twists, crackers, chopped fruit and vegetables, milk, smoothies, yoghurt and rice crackers.

A healthy lunch follows around mid-day. For some children lunch is delivered by the Pantry, whilst others enjoy their lunch from their lunch boxes. Once again, our staff monitor the intake of food to ensure a balanced diet is maintained throughout their day.

Afternoon tea is around 3pm where the children either finish any remaining food from their lunch boxes and or indulge in another tea time snack.  St Christopher’s makes every effort to make meal time’s fun and an opportunity to learn. Meals are served family style, so that children can experience the social aspects of meal times, setting the table, talking about the foods they are about to eat and then clearing away after themselves.

“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected” ~ T. Collin Campbell.