We at St Christopher’s Nursery understand that making decisions about the best possible childcare can be a daunting experience, especially for new parents. We here at St Christopher’s Nursery believe in creating and maintain a positive relationship with all our families. We value every family’s uniqueness and we do this by having transparency, honest open ended relationships based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.

We are very ambitious! So ambitious that we cultivate your child’s natural desire for discovery and exploration and encourage them at the same time to be independent, resilient, self-aware and inquisitive in their future with us, through the school and beyond.

At St Christopher’s Nursery, our teaching and learning revolves around your child. We take into account your child’s needs and interests and weave it into the early year’s statutory curriculum, thus providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environments. The indoor and outdoor environments that are created, enable your child to feel respected, valued and cared for with a strong sense of identity and belonging.

Parent Partnership

Parents are the primary educators of their child and therefore we believe that you should be centrally involved in all aspects of our nursery life. Information therefore is shared between you and all of our nursery staff about your child’s learning, progress and development. This helps facilitate a positive, long lasting partnership between you, your child and our team.

Our team make a child’s learning accessible to enable our parents to understand, contribute and facilitate learning at school and home.


·         Communicate with parents to ensure clarity of purpose and enable the fullest possible of understanding in respect to all nursery activities

·         Involve parents in all aspects of nursery life for example through nursery events, parents meetings, show and tell sessions, graduations and assemblies.

·         Operate an open door policy that encourages the fullest possible two way communication

·         Work in close cooperation with parents in order to ensure high standards of care and continuity throughout their stay with us in the Early years

·         Parents informed on a regular basis about child’s progress

·         Ensure all parents are involved in record keeping

·         Welcome the contributions and suggestions from all parents e.g. through ‘magical moment forms’.


·         Hold formal and informal parents evenings

·         Welcome parents to attend during nursery hours to participate in activities

·         Weekly curriculum overviews and home work opportunities (please see below for an example)

Nursery Coverage For The Week (please click on this link to view an example of a curriculum weekly overview)

Magical Moment Form (please click on this link to download and complete a ‘magical moment’



From the age of 3 and above children are required to wear uniform.

This can be purchased from The School wear specialists in Harrow.


The Nursery uniform is the school uniform PE Kit.