Starting school is an important milestone for every child and their parents. At St Christopher’s we believe that when children leave our Nursery to embark on the next chapter in their lives, we must do all we can to support and celebrate this transition, ensuring the children are well prepared for the next stage in their learning. It is our firm belief that all children need to be able to start school ready to learn, that they are able to make friends and play and that they are confident to ask for what they need and voice what they think.

Children’s early experiences are paramount for their future success and these are influenced by many factors including the impact of their early education and care. Parents and staff working together in partnership are important to develop the home learning environment. By working together we believe that this will help improve your child’s progress and support them in making a better start at school.

We also believe that it is important to liaise with the school prior to children joining them and will invite the teachers to visit the children at the Nursery. In the time leading up to the children leaving the Nursery to start school, staff  will plan and provide a variety of activities to promote school readiness.

Staff will also discuss with the children how they are feeling, taking an interest in what they say and engaging in conversations, for example asking them what their teacher’s name is.

We really want to involve parents in the transition process and will share ideas with you as to what you can do at home to support your child in being ready to start school, such as walk or drive past the building to help your child to visualise where their school is and have an image of what it looks like. Our staff understand that it is paramount to communicate as much as possible and endeavour to ensure that a parent’s you feel re-assured at all times so that this experience is a seamless transition for both parents and children.

Starting Nursery

Here at St Christopher’s Nursery, we provide a bespoke Feel Welcome booklet for every child when they start with us to ensure a happy, smooth and memorable transition into nursery.
Our ethos has been to build positive relationships with our parents and provide exceptional, dedicated childcare to your child.

Our personalised settling in the bundle

Here at St Christopher’s, we aim to ensure that every child’s start at Nursery is as calm and enjoyable as possible. To ensure this we offer a bespoke settling in a package tailored to each individual child and family.

The Nursery and Reception team will work together in partnership with you so that your journey with us is positive from the start to the end.
At the first settling in session, we invite you to stay with your child so that they can familiarise themselves with the room they will be in and they key workers who will care for them, whilst still having a familiar face nearby. As your child becomes more comfortable in the Nursery, you will be able to leave your child for short periods of time to build their confidence ready for a full session at Nursery.

During your settling in the visit, we will ensure that we understand your child’s current routine, how your child likes to be comforted if they have a special comforter, a favourite story or activity they like to do. Throughout your child’s time at Nursery, all adults will tailor activities to suit your child’s interests.