‘Our children have bundles of fun while they are learning’

Our play equipment 

You will find our rooms for the different age groups are very well resourced. You will see many traditional toys like sets of Noah’s Ark or farmyards for small-world play, Lego, a home corner with its little kitchen, bookshelves packed with brightly coloured picture and word books, trays of sand and water and much much more. Some have a clear educational bias- smart boards with inbuilt programmes preparing the children for reading, writing and maths. But others like remote- controlled cars are pure fun!  

Our skilled practitioners

There are plenty of opportunities for child-led play, and our nursery is mainly free flow, which means that the children can explore one learning zone to the next in a secure and safe learning zone. 

Our Practitioners are there all the time, ensuring they’re safe, and ready with suggestions or questions to stimulate further learning through play.

The children also lead play activities, based on themes, involving all the children in the same age group over a period of weeks. This could be life on a farm. That might include story time, painting and clay modelling, songs and counting games (Think of Old Macdonald had a farm). They might also sow seeds and transplant the seedling in their veggie patches or veggie tyres. it could come to a grand finale with a trip to the farm.

“Children flourish outdoors, close to nature in the fresh air”

Outdoor learning environments

Our front and back gardens are a revelation, particularly as passers-by often don’t even know they exist. 

 We believe children flourish outdoors, close to nature in the fresh air. That’s why we have canopies that enable even the tiny tots to play outside with it’s drizzling- and they LOVE IT! Just make sure your child has a pair of wellies for bad weather and a sun hat and sun cream in the summer. 

Safety and challenge

We balance safety, on the one hand, and the children’s natural desire to take risks, on the other. So our learning through play areas with trikes, scooters and bikes mainly have soft play surfacing so that any fall is comfortably cushioned. We also have a shady, cosy area where children engage in quieter activities like reading, writing and number work.

‘Out of the box’ challenges

 Older children, in particular, like a challenge. We’re all for that! We have created areas within the back garden that provide children with ways to pursue their curiosity. For example, a mud kitchen to encourage reading, writing and creative cooking ideas to a mini bug hotel and a planting station for sensory plants. We also have a construction site (themed as the Paw Patrol building site) and an outdoor role play area (currently themed as a veterinary clinic). We believe all these areas provide a fantastic opportunity for your child to engage in achievable tasks and activities throughout the year.

Curriculum days

 In addition to our exciting and stimulating curriculum, we also provide other opportunities to enhance the children’s learning where ever possible. Throughout the year, we organise themed days/weeks such as Art Week, Mathematics day, Environmental day, World Book day etc, to further develop childrens knowledge of events around the world. 

Visitors- this includes parents!

Parents are often invited into school to share and celebrate the achievements of the children through story time and circle time sessions. We also organise visitors to come into school to help bring learning to life. 

Drama- It’s Theatre Bugs time!

In addition, we invest in specialist educational providers such as Theatre Bugs to enhance speaking and listening. Theatre Bugs carefully designs each adventure to ignite your child’s imagination and allow their confidence to bloom! Your child will benefit with improved concentration, enriched vocabulary, increased self-confidence and much, much more! The best part of it all is that they will have bundles of fun! 

Languages- French, Spanish and Gujarati

One of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience is our ability to connect with others. Being able to communicate with someone in his/her language is an incredible gift. Bilinguals have the unique opportunity to communicate with a wider range of people in their personal and professional lives. So at St. Christopher’s Nursery, we thought why not begin our language journey with the youngest! We are fortunate to have staff who speak an additional language. Therefore your child shall also be taught Spanish, French and Gujarati during their stay with us.

Cosmic Yoga- an adventure in itself!

Yoga has been used by adults who’ve found a range of positive results, from improved posture to reduced anxiety. Through teaching children Yoga, we’ve found that many of these effects are actually experienced by children too. The other benefits of practicing Cosmic Yoga that we found were;

1) A substantial growth in self-confidence and self-awareness

2)An understanding of a healthier mind and body

3)An increase in concentration during table top activities 

4) An improvement in coordination and balance during other physical activities 

5) An improvement in managing feelings and behaviour

Enhancements in the comfort of your home

We believe that learning doesn’t just happen at school it should continue at home. Therefore, we have a selection of age-appropriate activities for children of all ages. These activities have been developed with the child in mind-providing them with invaluable learning experiences and opportunities, whilst making fun memories! The activities specifically help to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills, confidence and allows them to explore their imagination and creativity.