“I found out about this nursery and school through my friends who spoke highly of the reception class teacher. I did my own research by reading their inspection report (which said that they received excellence in all areas), looking through their website and decided to give them a call. It was so nice to talk to the head of the early years. She did a virtual tour and talked about the curriculum for nursery and reception. The classrooms are so beautifully set up and decorated. The children’s work is displayed with pride and the head of early years spoke very highly about the children which made me feel at ease knowing that my child will learn so much. This isn’t a typical nursery, the staff teach the children who are led beautifully by their head of early years. My child has learnt so much in a short span of time. I am really impressed with the way skills are taught, how home learning is set and how independence is taught at an early stage. Thank you!”- Daynurseries review