‘The children all have learning files where their work is celebrated… its was a joy seeing my son’s work and how will he had done since September. All the work is marked with comments and wats to improve the learning The children are also taught how to do self assessment and I see this even at home… my son keeps thinking about what he has done and chooses a face… green, yellow or a red smiley face.’ Parent Testimonial- January 2020


‘The classrooms are so lovely; its so colourful, warm and cosy. I can see that there is a lot of heart that has gone into creating all of this not just inside but also in the garden. The children’s work is displayed with a lot of pride and joy. I absolutely love the way the Head of EYFS is so passionate towards the environment and the children. She has taught my daughter so many things that I really didn’t expect her to learn in the Early years. Thank you so much for also teaching my daughter how to respect others and world that she lives in’ Parent Testimonial- January 2020


‘We recently enrolled our daughter into the Nursery… we were really happy to see how the team worked together to create a warm and family like atmosphere. Our daughter is so happy here… I couldn’t have asked for more. She has also learnt so many new life skills- The Reception teacher is always so welcoming with a big smile and always welcomes all the children with such enthusiasm!’ Parent Testimonial February 2020


‘I am really impresses with what my son has learnt in such a short time…I really thought that children in a Nursery just played, but this is not the case at St. Christopher’s. All the staff take a keen interest in the academic and personal development of the child. The Reception teacher also works very closely with the Nursery children.. this is fantastic to see and hear because she really does stretch the children and teaches them so nicely.’ Parent Testimonial March 2020


‘Thank you Miss B for listening and giving us so many ways to help our son at home. He absolutely loved coming into school every day and learning from you… he is in the nursery but looks forward to learning in the reception classroom! You have taught him words like courage and respect and how to be kind… this is what he tells us and our family members every day’ Parent Testimonial June 2020


‘We think St. Christopher’s Nursery is outstanding. We have been consistently impressed by the level of care and engagement each and every member of staff has with the children, in particular we must praise Miss B! You are everything for my child… he sings your name every day! You have an incredible ability to combine learning with pure enjoyment The importance of confidence, sense of self and the utter joy of exploration and understanding are core values you have engraved into my child.  St. Christopher’s early years team are always striving to deliver the best of the children in their care. We could not think more highly of the Early Years lead beautifully by Miss B. Thank you so much!’ Parent Testimonial July 2020


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