Why choose us

St Christopher’s School was founded in 1928 and was originally a Christian Foundation. It was started in response to the increase in population of the Wembley District which grew from 16,000 in 1921 to around 40,000 in 1930. This was due to the new Metropolitan Railway which caused a swathe of new residential dwellings to be built.

Many of the new families living here included children and although the local Council did its best to cope, it could not build new schools fast enough, and a number of private schools were opened.

Since that time, a preparatory school has existed on the same site. There have been many improvements and extensions to the building throughout the years which now provides a large hard surfaced playground, ICT room and library, medical room, EYFS outdoor area and canopy, a main hall and 7 classrooms.

St Christopher’s Nursery was established in 2016 and is running successfully alongside the school.

St Christopher’s Nursery operates on the same site as the rest of the school. This means that we can offer continuity of provision to children from 2 years to 4. Our Nursery is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm, 51 weeks of the year and offers both full and part time places.

At St Christopher’s Nursery, we believe that children deserve the best possible start to their education. Our Early Years team strive to provide an environment where children feel safe, happy, supported and secure. We consider each child’s interests, wants and needs so that they are ready to learn and achieve well. We are committed to providing a quality Early Years education that is; creative, challenging, active and broad in order to develop a thirst and excitement for learning.


We believe that the Early Years are critical in children’s development and that the EYFS builds a firm basis for future learning, development and independence. Therefore we educate the whole child and promote independence, curiosity, respect and resilience.


·         Identify and value children’s strengths, interests and learning styles so that they develop confidence, respect, independence and high self-esteem.

·         Develop and build solid relationships with our children and their families.

·         Cultivate children’s attitudes to learning, self-motivation, inquisitiveness, self-confidence and responsibility.

·         Nurture and encourage children’s curiosity, reflectiveness, creativity and resourcefulness.

·         Develop children’s responsive thoughts and ideas, and value their work, conversations and feelings.

·         Provide the highest quality learning experiences for all children. Learning that is exciting, creative, real, challenging; encouraging risk taking and fun.

·         Provide the highest quality teaching and learning that takes into account the interests of the children, their developmental and relating needs and allows them to make progress.

·         Support children’s learning by providing them with first hand learning experiences that are rooted in purposeful, resilient play.

·         Support the children in making the transition from their first stage of education to the next with confidence.

What’s the difference between a private pre-school and a school’s Nursery?

We as a Nursery are attached to our school and follow the same Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines which impact on the learning, development and care of children from birth to five years.

What sets us apart from other standalone nurseries is in how we go about our teaching, learning and assessment for your child. Our sessions are based on the individual interests and needs of each child. These interests are followed up through topic based teaching. The staff continuously observe each child and then offer educational activities that help them progress and succeed. We work closely with outside agencies who provide extracurricular activities, specific to the needs of our Nursery children.

So what are the benefits of my child coming to St Christopher’s nursery?

Your child is settled:

Settling your child into Nursery is a stressful time for both of you – being able to drop them off at nursery and leave them smiling and waving is the biggest relief for a parent. Our qualified nursery team provide a warm and inviting setting which helps children to settle quickly. We take care to get to know each child, to bong with them and identify their strengths and areas that need scaffolding to facilitate their learning journey. We pride ourselves on building good partnerships with parents and carers promoting family values so that we can work together to support the children in their developmental journey not just through the end of the foundation stage (Reception), but throughout their stay with us.

Nursery staff are fully qualified:

St Christopher’s Nursery staff are fully qualified in ‘Early Years’ and understand the importance of the EYFS ethos of learning through play. The nursery staff are carefully guided and regularly trained by the Head of EYFS.

Excellent resources:

Budgets are tight in primary education – not many schools have the money for extensive specific early year’s resources but instead share with the whole school. St Christopher’s Nursery regularly invests in new age-appropriate equipment and resources to keep children entertained and challenged.

In a nutshell…

St Christopher’s Nursery has a long established reputation as a warm, family orientated nursery that delivers outstanding EYFS education, high quality care and inclusion for all.

Our doors are always open, so why not make an appointment and join us in our magical learning experience!