Our Values and History

Our History

St Christopher’s School was founded in 1928 and was originally a Christian Foundation. It was started in response to the increase in population of the Wembley District which grew from 16,000 in 1921 to around 40,000 in 1930. This was due to the new Metropolitan Railway which caused a swathe of new residential dwellings to be built.

Many of the new families living here included children and although the local Council did its best to cope, it could not build new schools fast enough, and a number of private schools were opened.

Since that time, a preparatory school has existed on the same site. There have been many improvements and extensions to the building throughout the years which now provides a large hard surfaced playground, ICT room and library, medical room, EYFS outdoor area and canopy, a main hall and 7 classrooms.

The Nursery was established in 2016 and is running successfully alongside the school.


Our Vision

St Christopher’s Nursery aspires to be the number 1 choice for families who seek a happy, stimulating and vivacious learning environment. We nurture and challenge our children to achieve pastoral and academic excellence by becoming resilient, responsible and caring throughout their stay with us in the Early years and throughout their life at St Christopher’s.

Our vision is simple and straight forward… to provide a nursery that respects and values each child. We have the advantages of a small, nurturing family atmosphere which helps to achieve each child’s full potential. We strive to provide interesting and engaging experiences that make our nursery an ideal place to begin your child’s learning journey.


We aim to provide:

–Indoor and outdoor learning environments that are nurturing, exciting and buzzing with children’s ideas, and creativity- a place where a joy for learning can be cultivated.

–To provide a safe, secure, welcoming and happy environment for children from the ages of 2-4 years.

–To follow the EYFS statutory curriculum for children aged 2-4 years in order to provide the highest quality activities and experiences to promote each child’s development and learning across all 17 areas of development.

–To apply a ‘getting it right for each child’ approach to enable each child to become a confident individual, an effective contributor, a successful learner and a responsibly citizen.

–To treat every child as an individual and meet additional needs regardless of gender, race, nationality and culture without discriminating.

–To encourage equal opportunities for all children and adults involved with the nursery.

–To recognise the value of parents input and encourage them to contribute towards their child’s learning journey.

–To promote positive behaviour (through our class Dojo and smiley face system) by praising, encouraging and being attentive to the needs of the children.

–To continually assess the guidance available from all sources, particularly government departments and have the best practice in all areas.

–To value all staff highly and ensure that every opportunity is given to each staff member to develop their personal skills and to broaden their knowledge and skills in caring for and educating your children.

The wellbeing of children on our care is at the hear of ‘getting it right for every child’. Our approach uses the 7 areas within the EYFS curriculum to facilitate rapid progress in order to do well now and in the future.

At St. Christopher’s Nursery, we support children to be: Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsibly and Included.


Our School Values

Friendship- care and concern for others including the environment. Our core text to address this value is ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

Honesty- being truthful, fair, safe and reliable. Our core text to address this value is ‘The boy who cried wolf’.

Kindness- showing empathy, sharing and using kind words. Our core text to address this value is ‘Bear says thanks’

Trust- Dependable, trustworthy and secure. Our core text to address this value is ‘Andy- a story about an ant’

Courage- the ability to stand up for yourself and others, focusing on your learning and taking calculated risks. Our core text to address this value is ‘The lion and the mouse’

Happiness- showing positivity towards your own and others learning journey. Our core text to address this value is ‘My heart is filled with happiness’