Inspection Report
Our school is an accredited Member of the Independent Schools Association. Therefore, the school is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) a Department for Education approved and monitored regularity body. It is the Independent Schools’ equivalent to OFSTED.
The school was last inspected in May 2019 and found to be excellent in all areas of academic and other achievements and excellent in all areas of personal development. This is the highest mark of quality that any school can achieve. We were also found to have complete compliance in all schools regulations.

Below is our ISI Inspection Report.

St ChristophersSchool EQI Report 2019

‘The quality of pupil’s academic and other achievements is excellent.’

‘The quality of pupil’s personal development is excellent’

‘Children in EYFS make excellent progress from their starting points and typically leave the reception year having fulfilled at least age-related

expectations, with a minority of children exceeding these due to the effective teaching that they receive’

‘In the current academic year, the majority of children in EYFS have exceeded age-related expectations’

‘Children in EYFS are able to recognise, pronounce, identify and form different letters correctly, and recognise more difficult words in sentences in response to clear modelling and guidance’

‘Their writing is of very high quality for their age, as seen in examples of children’s independent accounts of the story of the three little pigs’

‘Pupils’ standard of mathematics is very high across the whole school. For example, nursery children demonstrated very good knowledge and understanding of shape for their age during shape drawing and matching activity. They were able to form, match and name shapes accurately as a result of very clear guidance and use of vocabulary by staff’

‘Pupils’ demonstrate strong information and communication technology (ICT) skills. They produce much work of high quality using ICT across the entire range of subjects… This is because keyboard and mouse control is promoted from EYFS upwards’

‘Pupils’ across the school exhibit notably strong study skills. Children in the EYFS were very observant of the features of their letter formation and sentence writing, and able to identify what they are doing well, and what they need to work on. Several children correctly identified that they needed to include ‘speech marks’ and use the term adjective accurately and with understanding’.

‘Books show that pupils’ skills in prediction are promoted from EYFS upwards, such as in Reception work challenging children to predict what would happen next in a particular storyline’