Welcome back to School!

The school term is now well underway and we are delighted to welcome the children back to our Nursery. The children were all very excited to see so many new changes to our Early Years setting.  We had a few tears, but once everyone entered our classrooms… everyone had a HUGE smile!

Everyone had so much fun exploring all the changes in our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Miss B has added even more fairy lights to make our classrooms sparkle even more!

The playground garden has expanded over the summer holidays! All the seedlings and plants that Miss B grew during June, July and August grew so fast! Miss B kept on top of the weeds by pulling them out as soon as she saw them. To stop slugs and snails coming along to eat the fruit and vegetables, Miss B put sand and stones around the colourful tyres. This worked! You will only find the slugs and snails in the bug hotel now!

On the night before return to school, a parent sent us a beautiful poem:

 ‘Twas the night before school starts, when all through the house,

 Not a child was stirring, not even an ounce.

They knew St. Christopher’s Nursery was awaiting with safety and care,

 And hopes returned as they soon would be there.

 The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

Whilst visions of the new kitchen danced in their heads.

 Mamas and Pappas rested well through the night,

Safe in the knowledge their children would be more than alright.

 When the morning arrived we arose with a cheer,

For we knew it would not be long ’til we see those we hold dear.

Away past Mc Donalds, we flew like a flash,

On to Wembley Park Drive, in a great dash.

 St. Christopher’s Nursery on the horizon, we are not far,

No Nursery can compare, not one is on par.

We made it, the time has come,

To our wonderful small Nursery all with a giant heart!