As this will be, the last newsletter of this school year The Early Years would like to say many, many thanks to our parents for your continued support over the year.

‘It’s time to say goodbye, our year has come to an end.

We have made many cherished memories and many small new friends.

We have watched your children learn and grow and change from day to day.   

We hope that all the things we’ve done have helped in some small way.

 So, it is with happy memories, we send them out the door.

With great hope and expectations for what next year holds in store.’


Although this has been a very ‘different’ school year, working in partnership with you resilience. As weeks went by, the children   began to acquire new ways of learning, which included sitting for extended  periods of time to listen and follow complex  instructions.  The Nursery really enjoyed learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. From dressing up to retell the story to illustrating their favourite parts and labelling, the children have learnt the importance of tiny little bugs in our  ecosystem. Watching the caterpillars grow each day was also something the children loved to monitor!


   The Nursery went out and about for the first time after lockdown alongside the Reception children  to the Wembley play area. The children were so excited!

They certainly learnt how to use the skills taught within the setting to keep themselves safe, take calculated risks but most importantly to have lots and lots of fun! We did of course did get soaking wet after a few stops by the water fountains!

As part of Health Week, the Nursery looked at how they could stay healthy by what they ate and did to stay fit. The Nursery took part in a sports afternoon session and had a great time showcasing their physical dexterity, co-operation and team spirit!

How could we forget the graduation! The children looked adorable in their graduation gowns and played their part in walking down the red carpet to collect their certificate scroll of achievement.

We are very proud of everything they have achieved as we are sure you are too. Together, we have given the children ‘the roots to grow and wings to fly’.