Leaving Nursery or pre-school is a big step for a little one but a big wrench for parents as their child prepares for the exciting move to school.  Their last days at their familiar setting, with helpers and nursery staff who have nurtured and cared for them in recent months, can be very emotional.  All the artwork, crafts and creations that they have carefully made will come home with them and parents often want to leave a keepsake with the nursery team to thank them and create a special keepsake for their child to remind the family of those super special days.

Here at St. Christopher’s Nursery, we want to celebrate your child’s learning journey and all the hard work that your child has put in. We got together with the Theatre Bugs company to organise a wonderful ceremony to commentate all the hard efforts your child has put in over their time with us. The children were dressed up in their graduation outfits and walked the Red carpet to receive a special certificate and a gift. Have a look below at all the smiley faces!