Passover or Pesach is a festival celebrated by millions of Jewish people all over the world. They celebrate it to remember when God used Moses to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, as told in the book of Exodus in the Bible.

God told Moses to set aside this special week originally called “the feast of unleavened bread”. During this time, the people eat special foods, perform special rituals and sing songs. Passover is around the time of Easter.

Nursery and Reception have been busy learning all about this special time of year. Nursery looked at where the events took place on the world map and made modes of transport to get from their home to Egypt.

Reception listened to the story of Moses and had a go at identifying the 10 plagues that were sent down from God to punish the king.

The children also had a go at retelling the story by sequencing the pictures and using them to help write the story.

The children looked at images of how Passover is celebrated in Jewish homes. The children were shown the Seder plate and looked closely at the food and its significance and symbolisms.