Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February. It is a special day when people express their love to another person. On this day people often give presents, red roses, chocolates and send Valentine’s day cards.  


“I will give my mummy and daddy lots of chocolates because they love eating them that’s why”.


“I want to go with my cousin to the shops and get my mummy and daddy some beautiful flowers. I think I will get rainbow ones to show them that I love them very much”



“In school I will make a really pretty card for my mummy and daddy… I will use lots of pink and red to make the hearts and then I will use my sounds to write I love you very much!”


Nursery decided to work together to create one big heart to show their love for one another. During circle time, the children learnt about caring for their loved ones and ways in which they could show their love for their family. See below some of the work that the children have been busy doing this week.
















“We made really big hearts for our mummy and daddy… we used paint to decorate it”