Reception have settled in so beautifully! Every child is becoming more and more confident and independent in accessing resources around the classroom and it’s so wonderful to see lots of new friendships blossoming!

The children began their learning journey by learning letters and their corresponding sounds. Lots of phonic based activities, including daily reading tasks has supported all the children in reading and writing cvc words fluently. The children have worked hard to understand components that make up a story. They were introduced to a story mountain, where children identified events and sequenced them from stories such as Rainbow Fish, Percy the Park keeper, Owl babies, The Gingerbread Man and most recently The Grinch who stole Christmas!

Reception began their mathematical journey by learning to recognise and form numbers to 20 and beyond. Once this skill was mastered, the children went on to learn how to use cubs, counters and number lines to calculate addition and subtraction number sentences. The children particularly enjoyed measuring using non-standard units and were very keen on identifying odd and even numbers when eating their snacks and lunch!

Reception have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to manipulate a range of drawing, painting, collage and sculpture tools to create some prize worthy creations. Self-portraits, observational drawings and collages of life under the sea have been great fun to do. The children really enjoyed joining the elves to deisgn and create shoes out of cardboard.

Our circle time sessions with Jigsaw Jenie have also been a favourite. The children have learnt the art of sharing, caring and giving to those who are needy. Pudsey bear has been a popular toy and point of discussion on many occasions.  After learning about children their age living in Great Ormond Street hospital, they decided to write letters and make mini Pudsey bears in the hope that it would bring a smile and relief. What a lovely thought!

The children have had an excellent term and I am so proud of how much they have already achieved!