The Nursery children have all had a very exciting term. We have had lots of new children join us, so settling in has been our primary focus. From learning our friend’s names to understanding rules and routines, life in the Nursery has been rather busy!

We began our learning journey by recognising the letters and the sounds that they made. We practised and practised until we knew all the letters and their corresponding sounds. It was rather tricky at first, but our teachers are right when they say… practice makes perfect!

Our mathematical journey was also challenging but fun. We began by learning to recognise numbers to 20. We used lots of resources to help us understand the number system. Using dinosaurs and animals to help us count were great ways to help us understand one to one correspondence of number.

As well as recognising letters and numbers, we also learnt about special times around the world that are celebrated with joy. We learnt about the significance of the apple tree for Jewish people who celebrate Rosh Hashanah and the importance of a Diwa lamp for Hindus. We had so much fun cooking and learning all about the special food eaten during these special festive seasons.


Everyone has worked so hard this term to learn so many new things. We are all so proud of you all!