Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

The Early years have had so much fun learning all about the season of Christmas. They began their journey by listening to a story all about…. The Grinch! Whilst listening to the story written by an amazing author called Dr Seuss, the children quickly realised that the Grinch had a very small heart (3 times smaller to be exact!) Reception did lots of writing activities linked to this story. Have a look below to see just what they have been up to.

  I was shopping for gifts to get the Grinch so that it can bring a smile on his face”

The Grinch doesn’t have any friends so I was designing a new friend to play with him”

I was thinking what I could do to make the Grinch’s heart 3 times bigger”



I was thinking about what would happen if the Grinch actually stole Christmas from everyone. It’s not making the right choice!”






To bring a little Christmas cheer into the classrooms, we decided to work together to decorate our 6 foot Christmas tree. This was so much fun! Whilst following rather complex instructions, we realised that the tree came with lights! Miss B worked her magic and managed to get the lights to work! Then there was light!



We made lots of decorations and placed them on the tree, hoping that the Grinch wouldn’t steal our tree and learn the true meaning of Christmas should he come to visit us.



We were also very lucky… someone very special is staying with us. He has come from the North Pole to spread even more Christmas cheer. It’s Rodolph the Red nose Reindeer!


Reception worked super hard over the weekend too to follow a recipe to make Gingerbread. Miss B decided to use the same recipe to make a house for the Gingerbread. This was so much fun!

  I was making the Gingerbread cookies and it was so much fun! I used the flour and the butter and the eggs and then I mixed everything together and put the ginger inside and then I rolled the dough forwards and backwards and then I used the cutter to make the shape and then my mum put the tray in the oven… it smelled really nice and then I put the decorations on”

Nursery were also busy learning all about the true meaning of Christmas. They listened to the Nativity story and had a go at illustrating the events that took place. Have a look at some of the wonderful illustrations and writing below.                                             

“I was drawing baby Jesus in the cot and everyone else happy to see him”

“This is the baby Jesus and he is sleeping in the manger and he is a happy baby”