Buddhists around the world celebrate Buddha’s attainment of Enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi tree in India. Many consider this to be the most sacred of holy places as it was the birth place of their tradition.

Bodhi Day is celebrated in many traditions, including Zen, and in Pure Land Buddhist schools in China, Japan and Korea.

Buddhist commemorate the day by meditating, studying the Dharma (teaching), chanting sutras (Buddhist texts) and performing kind acts toward other beings. Some celebrate by a traditional meal of tea, cakes and readings.

Nursery and Reception learnt about the life of Bhuddha. They listened to Miss B teach them about where he grew up, what he saw and what he did as a result of this. 

The children also learnt about the significance of the Pipal tree or Bo tree (underneath this tree, Bhuddha gained enlightenment).

The children were taught how to use HD sketch pencils to sketch the Pipal tree. Water colours were used to create tones and shades of the trunk, branches and leaves.

Miss B also showed the children the food that was eaten during this time of the year. The children learnt that rice and milk were eaten on the morning of Bodhi day (as this was the first meal eaten by Bhuddha after attaining enlightenment)

We had a go at following the recipe to make the sticky rice. We adapted the reciepe by adding spices, colour and vegetables. It tasted yummy!