The book fair is back at St Christopher’s!

It’s a little different to what we had last year. This time round, our parents need to purchase the books online rather than coming into school to buy them from our teachers.

We went along to see the books, after hand sanitising! We didn’t touch the books, only used our eyes to see what kind of books the shelves were filled with. We found all sorts of books. Some were about dinosaurs whilst others were about animals and mini beasts. We even saw books which had locks on! What fun!

There were even funky stationery available for us to buy too! We had lots of fun exploring and sharing our favourite books with other children. We can’t wait until the travelling book fair comes to our school again!

These were the books that were age appropriate for us!

“This is my favourite book… its the very hungry caterpillar!” 

“This book is going to be really interesting to read”