Rosh Hashanah meaning “head of the year”, is celebrated around the world by millions of Jewish families. 

It is a two-day celebration that begins in September (the 7th month of the year). 

Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the Shofar (a ram’s horn that is cleaned carefully). Many families also visit the synagogue (place of worship) and recite special hymns called Teshuva.   Festive meals are enjoyed by all. Foods that are eaten during this 2 day celebration include apples dipped in honey pomegranates, fish and dates. 


The Nursery and Reception children listened to a story all about this festival. They learnt the significance of the ram’s horn, and the types of food eaten during this 2 day celebration.

We then had a go at using sketch pencils to sketch apple trees. Miss Roshni and Ms Nusrat showed us how to use paint brushes to paint the features of our apple trees.  We had lots of fun!