Exploring nature at St Christopher’s

 We were so excited today. We were going on an exploration hunt around our school gardens to see, smell and touch fruit, vegetables and flowers. Before visiting the front and back garden, Miss Roshni taught us why it was important to grow plants. We learnt that plants helped the environment by cleaning the air that we breathe. It also provided homes for bugs and animals.

We also learnt the importance of ‘growing your own’ and the benefits of growing and eating produce. We had so much fun visiting our front and back garden. We saw bumble bees taking pollen from the giant sunflowers. We used our sense of smell to smell Rudbeckia flowers in bloom. We used our sense of touch to feel the leaves of our Cinderella pumpkin’s and Gala melons. We had so much fun! We can’t wait to go back next week to spot for bugs!