It’s our first day of school! All the children were so excited to come back. We had a few tears, but once everyone entered our classrooms… everyone had a HUGE smile!

Everyone had so much fun exploring all the changes in our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Miss B has added even more fairy lights to make our classrooms sparkle even more! 

After exploring, we sat with Miss B, Miss Roshni and Ms Nusrat who taught us how to form our letters and numbers. We worked very hard to hold our whiteboard pens correctly to form the letters and numbers on the whiteboard. We think we need to practice a little more.




Miss B then took us on a little tour of our school. We visited the front of our school which is called ‘Our Spiritual garden’. We looked at all the different kinds of plants that are currently growing and talked about what we would do to keep them healthy. 

This is the front of our school. The railings were covered with artificial grass panels. The benches were painted in bright colours and placed in the front of the school. We can now use this area for outdoor learning purposes. Miss B also decorated the railings with our new school values: Moral Conduct, Self-esteem, Resilience, Independent learning, Cooperation and Communication. To make the railings ‘come to life’, edibles such as strawberries, mint, cherry tomatoes and thyme have been added.

The benches have also been given a new look! Miss B decided to paint all the benches to make them look more colourful and fun to sit on. She moved one of the benches into our EYFS library. We enjoyed sitting on it to explore fiction and nonfiction books!

Miss B didn’t stop there! She decided to paint the tyres and use them to grow autumn fruit and vegetables. We are looking forward to harvesting our Gala melons and our Cinderella Pumpkins for Haloween! We won’t need to buy them anymore!

The growing fense expanded over the summer holidays! All the seedlings and plants that Miss B grew during our remote learning time, grew so fast in August! Miss B kept on top of the weeds by pulling them out as soon as she saw them. To stop slugs and snails coming along to eat the fruit and vegetables, Miss B put sand and stones around the colourful tyres. This worked! You will only find the slugs and snails in the bug hotel… no where else! 

We had so much fun! We can’t wait to continue our learning journey!