Wildlife garden- why teaching children about wildlife conservation is important

Now more than ever, it is essential to teach our children about the importance of wildlife conservation. Unfortunately, today children are constantly engaged in gaming or television and have a minimal connection to nature.

Developing and nurturing an appreciation of nature in our children is a fundamental element that safeguards the safety of our wildlife and environment. And as teachers, parents and volunteers, we can get our children involved by teaching them the value of wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Education for Kids can be Fun

Teaching wildlife conservation through fun and interactive education can be an amazing experience for children. It teaches a child about the awareness on sustainability and the damage to native animals and the environment. As well, teaching children about wildlife conservation ensures that our beautiful playground and its matchless wildlife will be preserved as they grow and learn throughout their years at St Christophers.

Our wildlife garden

In the coming months, we hope to improve it by rearranging the plants that are already growing in this area, replanting flowers into large containers (e.g. tyres) and introducing other flowers to encourage more wildlife appearing in the bug hotel. We shall also create a miniature pond using an old tyre and inserting a bucket into it.