What is a Chapatti?

A Chapatti is like a pancake that is cooked in a frying pan, known as a tava. They are made of whole wheat flour known as atta, mixed into the dough with water and oil.

As we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday, we looked at how pancakes were made across the world and discovered that Chapatti’s are an important food source for people who live in India.

Miss B made the Chapatti dough with us and showed us what ingredients were needed to make it. She then gave us a ball of dough for us to roll into a circle shape. We used rolling pins to help us create a nice round circle. We then gave the chapatti to Miss B who cooked is slowly on the tava. She flipped it two times and put it into our plate for us to put a topping on.

Traditionally, once the Chapatti is cooked, people put butter and or Ghee (clarified butter). We had so many ingredients to choose from… we even had chocolate spread! We can’t wait to tell our families about the Chapatti making experience!