After the huge success of our environmental day last week, the nursery and reception children decided to continue our learning around animals and climate change.

In the nursery, we have created a role play area called ‘The Zoo’. During our carpet sessions, we thought about animals that currently live in zoos around the world and why they live there.

What would happen if there were no zoos? How would we learn about animals? Should we let animals roam free? These were some of the many questions that we thought about.

We linked our learning about animals to 2 specific stories this week- Rumble the Jungle and Dear Zoo.

We had a go at describing our favourite animals and even spent time inside our role play cage by pretending to become a caged animal. We were also successful in persuading our headmaster to join us too!

In reception, we spent some time learning about our world, identifying the names of the continents and oceans. We watched how our wildlife was being destroyed by human’s rubbish being thrown away at sea. We thought carefully about what we could do to keep our oceans clean and reduce our carbon footprint. We worked in small groups to create mini-greenhouses using lollypop sticks and cling film. We planted seeds and had a go at recreating a mini sanctuary for wildlife in our playground.

What could you do to reduce your carbon footprint?