Who and what are Theatre bugs?

Theatre bugs is a company full of people who come along to schools to teach children how to become self-confident and self-aware in various different surroundings. The teachers bring with them lots of toys, musical instruments, dress-ups and games to help support children to develop their self-esteem.


This term…

The theme for the spring term from January to March is ‘Nature Track’ The children will tuck the animals up in bed for their Big Winter Sleep! We meet the fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar, give him lots and lots of food to eat and watch him turn into a beautiful butterfly! We help Rona the Squirrel find an acorn and watch Daddy Frog tuck baby tadpole up in bed. All in a day’s work for our little bugs!

Theatre Bugs promotes a fun, caring and encouraging environment. The children themselves guide each adventure and come up with ways to solve problems. They are encouraged to be vocal, and assertive and no suggestion is ignored. Through these adventures, the children gain greater awareness of themselves and others develop memory and communication skills and discover the confidence to attain their true potential and they’re having so much fun they don’t even notice they’re doing it!