What is the story box?

‘A story box is a box that is used to tell a story from the beginning to the end. It’s a great way to engage children into the world of storytelling through a small world approach’


The children in Reception had a go at working with their grown-ups over the holidays to create a story box of their favourite story. They worked super hard creating all the background elements to make their story box come to life.

The children in Nursery were amazed to see the story boxes. They had a go at using them to retell a story.

‘Oh wow… this is Frozen from the movie in the cinema… you know Miss B I went to the cinema to watch Frozen!’

‘Miss B this box has lots of shiny things inside… so it can glow in the dark… because you know in the story the snow glows and Olaf has a face and he is really funny!’

‘Miss B can I make a story box?… maybe I can do my favourite story…. Um, my favourite is the Gingerbread man… I going now to make the story box and then I can tell you the story Miss B yes?’