In nursery and reception, we have been busy getting our little fingers dirty in the soil! We decided to learn all about plants and how they were grown. We learnt that plants grow from seeds and most of the time seeds needed soil to grow in.

We also learnt about the various things that a plant needed to survive…

  • The sun– it’s really important that plants get natural sunlight in order to photosynthesis
  • Water– every now and then, plants get very thirsty so it’s important to give them a drink
  • Space– all plants need their own little space to grow into a healthy plant
  • Time– seeds don’t just sprout! They need time to adapt to their new environment. When they are happy, they will sprout and you will see the tiny little shoots come up from the soil.
  • Air– humans and plants need lots of clean air to breathe.

We had a go at planting various types of vegetables. Have a look at our planting… or you could just come yourself into our classrooms and see the seeds sprouting!