On Friday 29th November, we went to explore the local area. We looked carefully at the different types of houses that were on both sides of Wembley park road. We had a go at identifying semi-detached, detached and terraced houses.

We also worked in small groups to record the number of road signs we saw on our way to Lidl. We noticed that there were 2 zebra crossings, 1 that helped us cross over to the adjacent side of Wembley park road, and the other helped us cross from the road into Mc Donalds! When using the zebra crossing we made sure that we looked on both sides and waited until the cars stopped for us to walk past. We did the same when using the traffic light crossing too. We made sure that after pressing the buzzer, we waited until the traffic light was red and the cars stopped for us to cross the road safely.

After looking around our local area, we decided to visit Lidl, our local supermarket to buy produce. We split up into small groups and explored the various fruits and vegetables the shop had to offer. We had a tight budget, so we really couldn’t buy everything we laid our eyes on! Instead, each group picked out 5 fruits or vegetables, paid for them and carried them back to school.

We had so much fun exploring the local area in which we learn. we can’t wait to tell our friends and families about our little adventure!