Our trip to the post office 2019

On Monday 2nd December, the Nursery and Reception children went along to the post office. We looked around the post office to see what equipment they had. We saw a large weighing scale that they use to measure the weight of parcels. As the parcels were placed on the weighing scale, we could see the numbers getting bigger and bigger. One of the parcels went up to 39! After looking at the weighing scale, we went over to the packaging section where we spent some time exploring the different types of materials used to pack gifts. We tried our best to organise them according to size. We worked in small groups to do this… team was key!

After looking around, we then went over to the till, where we were greeted by a member of the post office. They talked to us about the role of a postal worker and showed some pictures. They also talked about their uniform and why their uniform is red in colour.

After listening to the member of staff, we then showed them all of our letters that we have been busy writing to Santa Claus. They were really impressed with our letters and the decorations we did on them! We took it in turns to give the money in order to get a second class stamp. We then stuck it in the corner of each letter and walked up the post box and posted it.

We hope Santa receives our letters on time!