What is Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. It is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who, according to the Christian religion, is the son of God. The name is a joining of “Christ” and “mass” which means the holy mass (supper, celebration or festival) of Christ.

Many things we do at Christmas come from earlier festivals, like exchanging presents, eating a lot of food, and decorating a tree. It is a time when we enjoy being with our families, making decorations and other crafts, singing Christmas carols, listening to some wonderful Christmas stories and cooking some yummy treats!

We have already begun this very jolly season by building and decorating our 6 foot Christmas tree! It was so much fun! Some of us have even been busy helping the elves to wrap presents for our friends.

In the coming weeks leading to Christmas, we shall continue to make decorations to hang in our early year’s classrooms, make some yummy Christmas treats…. we may even try our hand at making a 3D gingerbread man house!

On the 6th of December, we have our very own Christmas bazaar… we can’t wait to visit Santa’s grotto and buy some tasty treats!