Hanukkah (also Chanukah) is the Jewish Festival of Lights. The word Hanukkah means rededication. Every year, the celebration honours the hard-fought victory of those trying to keep their faith despite a powerful enemy. It is an eight-day holiday that will be celebrated this year starting at sundown on December 2nd.

How is it celebrated?

Hanukkah is a fun time for children, as they will receive gifts and Hanukkah money.

Some families give each other a small present on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Traditionally, there is a special game that children and adults play together. It involves a spinning top called a Dreidel, which is a cube-shaped dice with a Hebrew letter on each of the four sides.

What do Jewish people eat at Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is a great time for eating delicious food.

Some dishes have special meaning, such as Latkes (which are a kind of potato fritter), pancakes and doughnuts.

This is because they are fried in oil and so, by preparing and eating this food, Jewish people remember the miracle of the oil lasting eight days in the temple.

The children in Nursery and reception spent some time exploring the special food eaten during this special time. We looked closely at the Menorah and had a go at making our own.