It’s Black History month celebrations here at St Christopher’s! The Early Years have been hard at work learning all about the achievements that Black American people have made and their impact on the lives of millions around the world. Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks were the 2 significant people we were looking at throughout our study of Black History Month.

We learnt who Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were, where they lived and what they did to make a name for themselves as well as understand the reasons why they did what they did.

We learnt from Martin Luther Kings ‘I have a dream’ speech that everyone was an equal and that everyone had a right to freedom. We thought about what our dreams were and had a go at creating ‘freedom of speech hands’.

We also looked closely at Rosa Parks silent struggle for freedom. We had a go at drawing and painting pictures of buses and made comparisons to the buses we use today with those that were used long ago.


To continue our celebration of Black History Month, we decided to base our learning around a book called ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We looked at where Handa came from, the clothes she and her community wore and the fruits and vegetables they grew and ate.  We learnt the art of weaving and tried our hand at creating paper baskets.

We also had a go at making our own paper quilt!

Nursery and Reception had lots of fun researching, learning and understanding the struggles, successes and failures of important people from the past. We shall never forget them!