In the Summer, the reception children went along with Year 1 and Year 2 to visit Willows farm. We spent an entire day there, observing animals in their shelter, watching a sheep race, participating in the feeding of animals and of course sitting in a truck called ‘Tristan’ who took us on a safari!

The teachers at Willows Farm taught us all about the importance of looking after animals big and small and what they needed to survive. We listened carefully and had a go at spotting the 5 important things animals needed as we walked around the farm.

The sheep race was something we had never heard of… so watching the 5 sheep race was really fun!

Guess what! We even met up with Peter Rabbit! We all gave him a really big hug!

Do you know what! We were a little frightened when we approached the horses as they were really big and healthy. But Miss B wasn’t scared! She ran to one of the horses and began to feed it! The horse didn’t bite or make any silly noises. It was happy to eat from her hand. Well done Miss B… you showed us how to be brave!