In the summer term, our teachers in nursery and reception thought it would be a great idea to look after mini beasts…. So they brought… CATERPILLARS!!!  They arrived in the post box in June.  It has been so much fun watching them grow.  Every morning, we would ask if we all could eat with the caterpillars and place them on the table so that we could see what they’re were doing.

We quickly realised that….. They are piggy’s! They eat and eat and eat.  Oh, and they poop too!  We all thought that was a little interesting.  It looked like one of the caterpillars lost part of its body, but it was just its “frass”.

After a while they began to turn into Chrysalises.  Actually, we thought that the one hanging upside down might be starting the process.  All of them hung upside down and turned into chrysalises and after two days or so we transferred them to the butterfly habitat so that they could do their thing and turn into beautiful butterflies!